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The Campaign for Regulation of Asset Based Finance

About Us


We are presently consulting with a number of groups and individuals before putting our recommendations to Parliament and the Minister to achieve the appropriate changes to legislation and to the working environment that the Asset Based Industry operates in.

The present situation where the industry operates under the umbrella of the Enterprise Act 2002 which was drafted in a different climate where ‘light touch’ government regulation was the order of the day has been shown to be damaging to business and the economy.

The Working Group who are looking at this key area of funding have been set the objectives to ensure that SME’s have sound financial products in which to expand and grow the economy while safe guarding the banks and keeping viable businesses operational.

If you wish to contribute or get involved in this process please contact the group at:

Campaign for Regulation of Asset Based Finance

63 Rothwell Road

Newcastle upon Tyne


Or email: mail@rabf.org.uk