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This campaign is not supported by or linked in any way to the asset based finance industry.

The Campaign for Regulation of Asset Based Finance

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How We Can Help You

At the heart of our campaign is a strong desire to bring about change to the industry and to seek compensation for those affected by its excesses.

Not all organisations in the industry have acted in an irresponsible way and we are building a list of ethical factoring companies.

As a group we strongly believe in a regulated asset based finance industry, covering factoring and invoice discounting.

We have been contacted by a number of individuals who have asked which companies they should avoid giving the recent coverage.  For obvious reasons we have declined to comment until there is further coverage in the media.

We are therefore presently drawing up a list of reputable factoring companies who this Campaign group are pleased to recommend for their conduct, contract agreement and lack of termination and excessive collection fees.

While we are drawing up the list could you please contact the Secretary at mail@rabf.org.uk