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This campaign is not supported by or linked in any way to the asset based finance industry.

The Campaign for Regulation of Asset Based Finance

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The Campaign

The group is made up of members from across the UK who wish to see the government implement a £5 billion Claw Back Tax on the Asset based Finance Industry; Reform of the Industry; Put in place a robust ombudsman with substantial powers and penalties over the industry; And to separate the relationship between administrators and  ABFA members.

The group believes there is a role for asset based financial products envisaged under the Enterprise Act 2002 only with the above reforms for funding of UK business.

Press Enquiries

Brian Moore – Spokesperson – 07825050704 from 6am to 9pm



Membership gives you:

  1. Support and Advice;
  2. Networking;
  3. Events;
  4. Access to a list of approved solicitors;
  5. A group to fight for you;
  6. Access to the private forum that is about to be launched – members only;
  7. Knowledge that you are supporting an organisation that will achieve robust regulation of the factoring industry - The campaign is being crippled by a lack of funding;
  8. A friendly voice at the end of a phone who is there to help.

To become a member please email the Membership Secretary at

Contact Brian Moore: 07825050704

Correspondence Address

Campaign for Regulation of Asset Based Finance

63, Rothwell Road

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